How to Join

The first thing you should do (although not required) is find a current mock trial member and get to know what we’re all about. The entire first week of school we will be tabling in Turlington Plaza.  Stop by and say hey!

Info-Sessions: These are required. Here, we will talk about some mock trial basics along with important information regarding the try-out process, which will take place during the second week of September. We encourage people from all backgrounds and majors to try-out. Many people start out with little to no Mock Trial experience. We will teach you the skills you need.

Here is a recording of our 8/29 Info Session from last year. Much of the same information will apply this year. Email for a tryout slot with your name and phone number.

Try-Out Information: As mentioned before, specific information regarding try-outs will be released at the informational sessions.  In general, for a try-out you will be required to perform two acts depending on which role you are auditioning for.  As an attorney, you must give an opening and perform a cross-examination on one of our team members.  As a witness, you must memorize a direct examination (which will be given to you) to the best of your ability and also prepare to be cross-examined by one of our members. After signing up for a try-out date, you will be given help from past team members to guide you along the process of preparing for the audition.