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LitiGators Prepare for Fall Invitationals

The LitiGators are hard at work preparing for our closely approaching invitationals. We’ve been pouring over the new case, formulating theories, and refining our performance. Last month we held tryouts and welcomed 19 new LitiGators, all of whom are eager to enter the mock trial community. New member April Chukwueke is most excited about improving her mock trial performance. “I’m looking forward to learning new skills and getting better!” she said.

Online tournaments present new challenges and opportunities. Navigating online trials will be a challenge in itself. Our bi-weekly Zoom practices have helped us adjust to the unfamiliarity of competing in an online setting. An unexpected benefit is that we will be able to compete against teams outside of our region that we normally would not be able to see at in person invitationals. Returning LitiGator Ami Asar says, “Zoom mock trials will be a unique experience. It will be exciting to meet and compete with people from schools across the country.”

This semester we have fielded five teams. Each team will be competing in three invitationals from October to December. LitiGators are competing in invitationals hosted by George Washington University, Vanderbilt University, University of Georgia, Eastern Kentucky University, Duke University, Haverford College, Yale University, Florida State University, University of South Carolina, and University of California, Davis. With our first invitational only two weeks away, it’s officially crunch time. Wish us luck!